Dale was horny and needed some tail.
But his game was stale and he’d often fail.
His computer was broken so he pulled out his tapes.
Often jerkin’ it to his VHS Copy of Playmate of the Apes!
Misty Mundae would get his draws all crusty.
Slow-mo’ed her boobs so much, his VCR got rusty.
One day, he decided to go to the store to get some lube,
to put in his VCR so he could see more boob.
Off to the store he went.
The rest of his money he spent.
Bought a value pack of KY and some tissues.
Jesus knew, his dick, he was gonna misuse.
He headed to the door when he spotted her.
A woman so fine, draped head to toe in animal fur.
Without thinking, he was by her side.
Dale was trying to figure out how to make her his bride.
As smooth as possible he walked up and was like Sup?
The mysterious hotty looked at him and he immediately threw up.
She had no eyes and her face was all creepy.
She had fangs for teeth and her eye sockets were seepy.
She smiled as blood flowed down her face.
On her chest, the blood formed the words, “How do you taste?”
Dale’s terror quickly turned to excitement.
His dick got hard and he gave her his consent.
She sucked him off, right in the dairy aisle.
He came to and realized it wasn’t fur, she was just that hairy; vile!
He panicked and tried to pull out her jaw.
But she wouldn’t let go and started to naw.
She bit off his dick quick.
Bodily fluids hit the floor; sick!
Poor Dale laid quivering on the ground.
A tight ass pussy, he’d never pound!