Lady Bea laid in bed with her love.
Rudy rested on her chest as they stared above.
Their desire burned but he was unable to act.
She had a problem they couldn’t subtract.

Lady Bea kept a deep secret from most.
A phallus, her body, could not host.
When Rudy first unzipped her zipper.
All he found was a pink Lady’s Slipper.

Between her thighs was just a flower
That Rudy could never, ever, deflower.
Lady Bea pleased her man, but it wasn’t the same.
No matter how much he tried, she never came.

She felt shame and got depressed.
Asked him to leave so she could rest.
As he got up, he tried to kiss.
But all he got was a quiet hiss.

Rudy left, out the door he went.
Under the covers, she curled up spent.
Bea was alone, lost in her head.
Dreaming of a world in which she bled.

Growing up, she never experienced menarche.
She knew early on, for her, men aren’t key.
She cried into her pillow, so sick of the malarkey.
Bea screamed “
Why did god have to mark me?”

Bea fell asleep and dreamed of her torture.
Like the time they lit a fire and decided to torch her.
Her thigh melted and they found it humorous.
They stood over her, stomped and broke her humerus.

Her nightmare was interrupted by the sound of a bee.
It buzzed around, and flew towards Bea.
It landed on her flower and began pollination.
It was the first time Bea felt the pleasure of

Bea arched her back and gripped the bed tightly.
Bit her bottom lip as her smile shined brightly.
Her body grew tense and started to spasm.
Her body fell loose as it came to orgasm.

Bea collapsed, breathing heavy.
She relaxed, allowing her lungs to steady.
She closed her eyes. Excited to join the bevy
of normal women. She’s finally ready!

But she’s not…

Bea jolts awake and bolts up screaming!
Pain erupts in her torso. Her uterus is teeming
with bees! As she slept they began to infest.
And now they’re inside her building a nest!

“S.O.S.” she texted her man.
Rudy grabbed his clothes. To the rescue he ran.
He panicked inside, wondering what he would see.
But when he burst through her door she screamed
Fuck Me

Rudy stood in shock as he watched her belly expand.
Lady Bea licked her lips and grabbed his hand.
She shoved him down her panties and took control.
Made him feel around. Nothing but a hole.

Rudy stood back in awe!
He couldn’t believe what he felt or saw!
Bea ripped off her panties and tossed them like a stripper.
On the bed next to her was a dead, withered, Lady’s Slipper.

Bee’s swarmed in and out of her new snatch.
Honey dripped out as they worked on their batch.
Bea rubbed her nipples and waved him over her direction.
He unbuttoned his pants to give room for his erection.

Bea enjoyed her first male stimulation
When Rudy went down on her ex-castration.
He pulled out his cock, which lead to penetration.
The honey made for great lubrication!

As Rudy entered, her hole tore wider.
Bea moaned loudly when he was fully inside her.
Rudy didn’t mind the bee’s stinging his member.
He was too excited, even with pussy burning like ember.

Rudy and Bea made love for the very first time.
They were finally one and it felt sublime.
Rudy ejaculated, filling the hive.
Bea came second, happy to be alive!