JP first discovered pro wrestling when he saw Disco Inferno win a battle royal on TV in 1995. The storytelling, television production and cartoon aspects of wrestling immediately fascinated him and he’s been obsessed ever since. As he grew up, this fascination inspired JP to explore many creative paths: film-making, visual arts, web design and of course… pro wrestling!

In 2001, at only 15, he used his developing web design skills to build wrestling fan websites. This lead to him getting his foot in the business by building MIW’s original website. A year later, July 4th, 2002, JP made his debut as a pro wrestling referee. He traveled the MN/WI area working with guys such as Austin Aries, Ken Anderson, Horace the Psychopath, Christopher Daniels, Sick Nick Mondo, Mad Man Pondo and Ian Rotten. Around 2003, JP was hired as a camera operator for Neo-Pro Wrestling and eventually became their senior referee.

JP attempted to leave the wrestling world to focus on film-making, video production and his own visual art. But once you have the bug, it’s hard to get rid of. He made many unscheduled appearances over the years, including randomly refereeing a ROH World Championship match in 2009.


The beautiful thing about the internet these days is that you never know when something you did 15 years ago will pop up out of nowhere. I'm dedicating this section of my site to collecting matches I've been a part of over the years, good or bad, as I find them on youtube!